Smart Home Devices


Nest is an automated thermostat that learns and remembers the temperature preferences for your home. A nest thermostat familiarizes the daily habits of your home and programs itself to deliver the ideal temperature for your home. Its settings can also be controlled by a mobile app where it could be adjusted for a specific room and time.

Caseta by Lutron

Automatic lighting is more common in office settings, though it is now making its way to homes as well. Automatic lighting includes features like automatic dimming, occupancy sensors with motion detection as well as controlled switches. The automated controls allow you to make adjustment on the conditions that are present in your home, for example: how many people are present in the room and the daylight conditions. These types of controls are very energy efficient as you can customize how much and when the lighting is being used.

Smart Home Switches

Another popular smart home device is the “smart switch” . The smart switches are paired with the appliances in your home via a smart phone app. Through this app, you can control and automate your existing home appliances. For example, when your appliances are not in use, you will have the option to turn them off by swiping your finger.rtise is in Data, Voice, Electrical, and Security Camera Installations.