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Read the article - “His company is one of the leading installers of electric vehicle charging stations in the Lower Mainland”

Read the article - “His company is one of the leading installers of electric vehicle charging stations in the Lower Mainland”

Why Choose us?

We have the knowledge and expertise with 100’s of installations completed to date. We can educate you on the process and make it a hassle free installation.

This is why we were recognized in BC Business Magazine - Our founder was featured as Top 30 Under 30 as a leader in the EV Charging Industry.

What is a EV Charging Station?

When you purchase your electric vehicle you will either be provided with a cord to plug into the wall or a EV Charging station.

If the dealership did not provide you with a charging station, we can provide one for you or install the one that came with the vehicle.

The EV Charging station or Tesla Wall Connector is a device that supplies electric energy to recharge the battery’s in the electric vehicle.

Different Types Of EV Charging Stations

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Level 1 charger - (120V) Plugs into a regular 15A Receptacle

Level 2 charger - (240V) This is commonly a charging station or can plug into a dryer or stove receptacle. It can range from 30 Amps up to 70A.

Level 3 Charger - (480V) Also known as DC fast charging, this type of equipment is not compatible with all vehicles and is not common in Canada yet. (Currently the Mitsubishi “i” and Nissan LEAF accept level 3 chargers)

Level 3 Charging (Tesla Supercharger) - The Tesla Supercharger will only work with the Tesla Model S, providing half a charge in approximately 20 minutes.


We are proud to be one of Vancouver top EV Charger installers with 100's of installations completed to date. Whether you need a receptacle, Tesla Wall Connector, Level 2 charger or a service upgrade. We have you covered, one of our estimators will come right to your home and give you a free estimate. We can give you some useful tips for locations of the charger as well. We are here to make this a quick and painless process as we know you are excited to get your new car!


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