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Holiday Season


The Holiday Season brings people together and is a time to spend with family and friends. Setting up Christmas Lights is one way for everyone to get involved. Here are a few Holidays Lights Do’s and Don’ts to keep everyone safe this winter season!

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  1. Put up Christmas lights and get into the spirit of the holiday season. Holiday lights will brighten up your area, whether it be work, classroom or home.

  2. Use lights that are location appropriate. Indoor lights are meant for indoor use while outdoor lights can withstand the weather conditions (rain, condensation, wind). Check to make sure they are properly rated. Bargain Christmas lights usually have a higher fire hazard.

  3. Check that your lights are in working condition. Make sure there is no fraying or bulb damage. If unsure, it is best to replace the lights.

  4. Turn off all Christmas Lights when going to bed or leaving the house. Even if placed on a timer, Christmas light pose a higher risk of fire, especially lights placed outside due to unforeseen weather conditions.



  1. Nails or staples are not ideal for holding the cords as they can damage them. Instead, use special insulated holders that will not do any damage to the lights.

  2. If using extension cords, do not hide them. Common places where people may hide them is under carpets or in door ways.

  3. Try not to use too many cords in one plug. This may create overheating or cause the circuit to short.

  4. Avoid using lights in combination with metal Christmas Trees (usually made from aluminum). The risk of electrical shock and fire hazard are significantly increased.

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From TDR Electric, wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday Season!!!