Switching To Led Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs used to be quite costly. Now that the price has rapidly lowered and continuing to do so, its time to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of all the benefits LED lights have to offer! These lights use 75% less energy, are cool to the touch, and save you a ton of money, but that’s just the beginning.


LEDs create truer colors and even whiter whites than other bulbs. Since they have more specific lighting options, as well as most of the bulbs having the ability to connect to dimming switches, you can set the energy and mood of every room with ease.


You can currently purchase an entry-level LED for less than $3 per bulb in a multi-pack, or upgrade to higher lever models for a couple dollars more. Dimmable options come in at around $7, and color changing bulbs at around $25 per bulb.


LED bulbs are safer in many ways, one being the strength of the bulb itself. LEDs are made by using a tough plastic, which is possible due to them producing such little heat compared to the old-fashioned glass bulbs.

The most significant advantage of all, is how much longer LED bulbs last compared to incandescent or CFL lights. Quality LEDs last 25,000 hours or more. That’s 25 times longer than the alternatives. LED bulbs use less energy, and don’t have to be replaced as often, meaning you save money!

Ready to reduce your carbon footprint with energy efficient LEDs? Give us a call for more information!


The team at TDR has been amazing to work with - I can’t say enough good things about them. When you hire any trade to help you there’s a lot of trust put in them to do what they are asked to do but my experience with them is they go above and beyond and they think outside the box to make the job the best it could possibly be, make it workable for the business and they really take pride in their work. Liam and his team have been professional, helpful, and accommodating, and brought ideas for my business I hadn’t even thought about to improve it and I’m so grateful for that! Continue Reading Franny Roberts

Franny Roberts

We have used TDR's services for home improvements (light installation) and they were prompt and professional. More recently, TDR has been working with our strata to identify options for Electric Vehicle charging in our complex. They provided our council with an EV Ready Plan which was approved and reimbursed by BC Hydro, and Taylor has helped us immensely in understanding not only the technical aspects of an EV charging system installation but also the requirements under the ever-changing rebate system. Continue Reading Jacqueline Shaben

Jacqueline Shaben

It was a pleasure to work with TDR from the friendliness of the office personnel to the consultant who came out to do up a work order and cost, to the electrician who came and did the work. I highly recommend this company. Very easy to work with and I couldn't be happier with the quality of work from new plug outlets, to lighting installations, and wiring the ceiling for a fan and installation. Continue Reading Toni Stovel

Toni Stovel

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