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Benefits of Security Lighting


One of the most effective ways of protecting a property is with the installation of outdoor security lighting. At one time, it seemed that only commercial premises used this method, but many homeowners have now realized the benefits that security lighting can bring to help keep their homes and families secure.  


What are the advantages of security lighting?

·        Peace of mind and a sense of safety.

·        Discouraging criminal activity.

·        Safety around troublesome areas like, pools, stairs, and other hazards.

·        Controlling unwanted pests such as possums, skunks, and raccoons.


Why motion-detection lighting is the best option:

Many people may be concerned about the added cost to their energy bills when thinking about installing security lights. This is particularly true if someone is thinking of having lighting that remains on permanently. Electricity bills are certain to sore with that option. Therefore motion-detection lights are a far more cost-effective alternative.

Motion-detection lights will only come on when movement is detected in the target area. You still get the benefits of security lights without the hefty bill. In fact, people with these lights installed may save money in certain areas such as insurance premiums. Email us at for more information.

Tips For a Safer Home


On any given day, we use several different electrical devices. With these devices being so common we sometimes forget the very real risks and hazards that are associated with them. According to The Electrical Foundation International, electrical incidents cause 43,900 home fires, 1,430 injuries, 438 deaths and result in $1.47 billion of property damage each year. Let’s take the time to educate ourselves on the possible hazards and safety risks to make sure that everyone in our home is aware and safe.

TDR Electric has compiled a few helpful electrical safety tips for you to ensure a safer home:

  • Remember to unplug and stow all cords safely.
  • Always follow appliance instructions, and do not attempt repairs or upgrades without a licensed electrician.
  • Never yank a cord from a wall.
  • For households with small children, place safety caps along all unused outlets.
  •  Always use light bulbs that have the correct wattage requirements for each fixture.
  • Never use electrical equipment near water.
  • Avoid overloading outlets and never use extension cords as permanent outlets.
  • Keep all clothing, toys, curtains, and other combustible material away from heat sources and electrical cords.

Our daily lives are surrounded by electricity. Carefully observe all potential risks and measures while using electricity to keep you and your family safe.

Commercial Sign Repair and Maintenance Tips


Repairing and Maintaining Your Business Signage

Outdoor commercial signage is a important business asset that must be properly serviced to keep up your business professional appearance, ensuring that you have an inviting exterior for new customers. Over the years, storm damage, vandalism, UV light colour fading, vehicular impacts, or merely weathering due to extreme seasonal temperature fluctuations require regular servicing to your company sign.

A sign with damage or that is in any disarray can be limiting the positive memorable impressions that your business is making. If your sign is too far gone for you to want to spend time and money on repairs, you can always consider upgrading your old commercial signage for a newer model that needs less maintenance. A newer LED illuminated sign can be a great replacement for older neon signs, as they are much less expensive, conserve energy, and have many customization options.

The life of your outdoor signage can be greatly increased by adequate and frequent maintenance. The newer the sign, the less often your sign will need upkeep; however, it is still a good idea to have your commercial signs looked at from time to time in order to ensure that you are receiving the most from your marketing investment. 

TDR Electric - Commercial Sign Repair and Maintenance

Commercial sign repair and maintenance is important to your business. If you are in need of upgrading or repairing your commercial signage call the licensed electricians in Vancouver at TDR Electric. We provide a number of other Commercial Electrical services or Residential Electrical Services as well. Contact us at 604-987-4837 or




And yes, this means without having to invest in a gadget or anything to do so. What’s an easy electricity saving tip?

1. Use your major appliances (washing machines, dryers and dishwashers) during off-peak load times. That’s it! Peak Load times (which are from 7am – 11pm) are the busiest times when many homes consume the most energy. In order for the city to keep up with the energy demands during these Peak Load times, they resort to the use of secondary costly generators which for us; the consumers it means the electricity rate per kilowatt is higher during these hours.

2. Hang Clothes to Dry-Now that your clothes have finished in the washing machine, why not hang them to dry? Did you know, the average home in BC uses the dryer machine and it consumes approximately 600 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per month? This makes up 12% of your electricity bill. So go ahead and hang those clothes to dry after all, it’s free and your clothes will last longer.

3. Turn off appliances when not in use. It’s that simple and practical too! We live in a society where we rely on electricity to power everything. Lamps, TV’s, PVR’s computers, etc., are constantly plugged in and left on. Get into the habit of turning off the lights in rooms where nobody occupies them. Just like we turn off the lights in the bathroom once we’ve left the bathroom. Why not practice the same habit with every room and hallway? If you have a timer on the switches, put them to use too. It’s always a good choice to conserve.

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Main Electrical Service and Panel Upgrades in Vancouver

Why do you need a main Electrical panel?

An electrical system needs a main panel to break up the power supply of 100 amps or larger down to branch circuits. The power first comes into your house from BC Hydro either overhead or underground to the meter base, then into your main panel. Branch circuit requirements start at 15 amps and can go as large as required by the specific item and voltage.

Reasons for upgrading your electrical service and Electrical panel

Older main panels have limitations on available space to add circuits or they have fuses (some insurance carriers will not even insure a property that has fuses). Some older panels have had circuits added and have maxed out (most old panels are maxed out when the original construction was completed). Many old panels are are dangerous, may simply stop working and need to be replaced.

An electric service upgrade is often recommended or required to increase the capacity of the existing electrical service. With all the new appliances and smart devices we now have in our homes, we find that older homes just don’t have sufficient power available to handle the increased demand. Therefore, a service upgrade is required. This may include not only upgrading your electric panel, but upgrading your meter socket, the wire between the meter and panel, the wire between the utility and the meter and the grounding system as well. A panel upgrade or replacement is usually required to alleviate a problem with the existing panel. Sometimes a breaker might overheat to the point that the buss bar in a panel gets burned. The conductors between the meter and panel may become loose and burn out the main lugs, especially common when aluminum wires were used. Other common reasons to change out an existing panel are due to obsolesolete and outdated technology. 

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3 Most Common Electrical Hazards in Your Home


Smoke detectors

In order to ensure that your smoke alarms are working as they should, it is important to perform regular testing and cleaning. Some of the regular maintenance that should be performed on smoke detectors and alarms are:

Replacing the Battery in your Smoke Detector

Your smoke alarms battery may need to be replace every year. When the batteries are low the smoke detector will chirp or beep every few minutes. Not all smoke detectors have replaceable batteries. 

Protecting Your Smoke Alarm from Infestations

Using a surface insect spray around each of the smoke alarms in your home can be a good way to help prevent insects from nesting inside; however, when spraying around smoke alarms, make sure they are covered to prevent spraying inside of them.

Testing Your Smoke Alarm

Each smoke alarm should be tested once every month to ensure that the battery is not dead and that the alarm is operating properly. To test your smoke alarm, hold down the test button until you hear a loud beep or chirping.

Extension Cords

The purpose of extension cords is for temporary use. Typically extension cords are used  to provide electricity to a small appliance in a specific area in or outside the home for a short duration of time. Unfortunately, it’s become the quick and easy solution where these cords are more frequently used and as a permanent fix. Extension cords are not designed for long term or big electrical load use. Many appliances warn the use of extension cords to protect from damage as these cords typically can’t handle the appliance’s electrical load. Cheaply made extension cords can cause fire hazards (by overloading that leads to overheating). What’s the best solution?  Have a licensed electrician install another outlet where needed


Water and Electricity

Electricity and water is a dangerous combination. Most people know the importance to keep away from mixing the 2, but unfortunately many people still reach for their electric razors and other electric grooming tools with wet hands or while still in the shower. Luckily, new homes today typically come with GFCI outlets.

A GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) is an electrical device installed to protect against severe electric shocks. GFCI’s could also reduce electrocutions and minimize electrical burns and shock injuries. A GFCI integrates a ground fault protection in receptacles where electrical equipment is near water or might be in contact with water.  

If your home is however older, it may not have GFCI’s. Consider having GFCI’s installed by a qualified electrician. Ensure your hands are dry when unplugging anything electric and avoid the use of all electrical tools while near or in water (bath, sinks, pools etc.). Call a licensed electrician to come to your home and access your outlets and install GFCI receptacles where needed

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