North Vancouver and West Vancouver Electricians

Taylor Ross - Founder

Taylor Ross is the founder of TDR Electric. He is originally from Pemberton, BC and started his electrical apprenticeship in Whistler in 2007.

After gaining the necessary skills in the electrical trade, he received his Red Seal certification from Thompson Rivers University in 2011. Over the next 3 years Taylor worked towards gaining the certifications and skills to start and run an electrical contracting business.  He took additional training and received his Field Safety Representative certification and became a Certified Electrical Contractor in Vancouver, BC. Taylor's ability make decisions and provide excellent customer service is what has helped his company stand out and thrive in the industry today. Now Taylor handles some day to day operations and Business Development. In 2019 Taylor was featured as a winner of BC Business Top 30 Under 30 and as alumni in Thompson Rivers University newsroom article.


Liam Phagura - Project Manager

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Liam is one of our Project Managers at TDR Electric and is also a certified Journeyman. He completed his apprenticeship at BCIT in Vancouver, BC and offers 7 years of electrical experience, leadership and communication skills.

Liam’s ability to make decisions quickly and efficiently allows him to work on a mixture of projects including residential, commercial and specialty work. Liam is always looking for a challenge to further better his knowledge in the trade and stays current in the field which allows him to provide the best service to clients and TDR. He is currently taking courses to become a Class B Field Safety Officer. Outside of work Liam enjoys spending time outdoors including playing golf, baseball and softball. He is currently in search of a dog companion.


Aaron Kitt - Service Department

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Aaron is a red seal ticketed Journeyman who is responsible for our service department at TDR. Born and raised in North Vancouver, Aaron is called upon all types of service: from troubleshooting to installing chandeliers to electric vehicle chargers. No matter the job, Aaron can complete the task.

Aaron also works closely with other journeymen in the company to complete small to medium sized projects which allows him to stay current in the trade. Aaron is also currently working on his own home improvement projects at home and when he gets a spare moment, he enjoys playing golf and hanging out with his dog Kevin. He is very proud of Kevin!


Adam Buxton - Project Manager

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Adam is one of our head Project Managers at TDR and is a Red Seal Electrician. Born and raised in Ontario, Adam completed his apprenticeship in Calgary and moved out to Vancouver in 2006.

Adam brings 13 years of vast knowledge of the electrical trade. His hard work, people management and his genuine willingness to constantly adapt and to stay up to date in the field allow him to work on large scale commercial projects. When Adam is not working he spends most of his free time in the mountains and enjoys the beautiful scenery of Vancouver.


Nic Scott - Journeyman Electrician

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Nic is a Journeyman who joins TDR from Saskatchewan where he completed his apprenticeship.

Nic has an exceptional work ethic which is shown in his ability to complete projects on time. Nic also works closely with the company apprentices providing guidance and hand-on expertise. He believes in learning new things and is always looking for an opportunity to take on new tasks and responsibilities. Nic made the move to Vancouver to enjoy the warmer climate where he can hike, kayak and enjoy the outdoors. In his downtime Nic is interested in photography and music. He can play the guitar!


Warren Jacobson - Foreman

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Warren is a Lead Hand Electrician at TDR. His ability to learn new skills and tasks in the trade combined with his ability to learn quickly and to adapt to new situations allows him to work closely with other journeymen to ensure all projects meet their deadlines and to customer satisfaction.

Warren is easy to work and to get along with which makes him perfect for instructing and guiding new apprentices in the field. Originally from Calgary, Alberta, where he completed his apprenticeship, Warren made the move to enjoy the milder winters on the west coast. Outside of work, you will find him either at the gym, at a music show or enjoying brunch on weekends!


Dan Macfarlane - Journeyman

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Dan is one of our Journeymen from Alberta, where he completed his apprenticeship. He works on medium to large sized projects but you will also find him part of TDR’s service department.

Dan is easy to work with and enjoys guiding new apprentices which makes him an ideal mentor for those entering the trade. Outside of work you will find Dan…. well you probably wont find him because he will be in the woods camping , hunting or fishing.


James Milne - 4th Year Apprentice

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James is a 4th year apprentice with TDR and is working to get his red seal this year. He grew up in Greater Vancouver Area and completed his schooling at BCIT.

James works closely with other journeymen to complete projects and to learn the necessary skills for the trade. James specializes in commercial projects and brings a positive and easy-going vibe to the team. Outside of work, James is a big sports guy and enjoys travelling with his wife and dog. He has asked to bring his dog to work sites….seeking approval from our CEO.


Katerena Goston - Administration


Katerena joined TDR Electric in the summer of 2018 as part of the administration team. She handles the day to day scheduling for the team and is responsible for keeping the office organized and running smoothly.

Katerena studied sciences at Langara and UBC but was always interested in administration and decided to make the transition into the field. Outside of work she enjoys spending time at a ballroom dance studio where she specializes in Latin dance. She hopes to be on Dancing with the Stars!